Your Home Business Attitude

Let me put this to you nice and sweet: Attitude predicts your future. Honestly.

If you tell yourself that you’re not going to succeed with a home business, you won’t. If you think you’re going to lose, you already lost.

I remember as a little girl in school, we had a Christmas fundraiser. The person who sold the most candy out of the entire school won the grand prize, a TV. I kept telling myself over and over again, “I’m going to win that TV.” It wasn’t the prize itself that I wanted so bad because God knows I had everything as a child. It was being number one. I had to be number one and I was determined to succeed!

Before starting a work from home business, take some time and write a list of goals. What is it you want for yourself? What is it you want for your family? What are the things you want to accomplish with a home-based business? Some of your goals may include the following:

– Put a child through college
– Pay off your bills
– Buy a new home
– Buy a new car
– Take a nice vacation

YOU CAN reach your goals, whatever they happen to be, if only you have the right attitude and support. I know how friends and family members can be. Negative at times, huh? UH HUH! Let them know what your goals and plans are and tell them you’d like some support with your new home business.

If ordinary people around the world are succeeding with their home business, so can you! What makes them different from you? You don’t need “skills” or a college degree to make a 6-figure income when it comes to a home business. All you need is the right attitude and you’re half-way to success!

By the way, I won that TV.

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