Advertising Revenue

Advertising Revenue – Making Money With Adsense

Advertising revenue and Google Adsense go hand-in-hand.

The Internet has regained a lot of credibility since its fall from grace at the end of the 90’s.

This means more businesses are spending more money to get customers via the Internet. And it’s possible for you to cash in on those millions of dollars.

Google has an advertising program, involving four parties:
2.Customers paying for the ads – through the Adwords program
3.Visitors clicking on the ads – on search engine results pages and websites
4.Website owners running the ads on their websites – through the Adsense program. These are the people making money from ad revenue.

For an example, look no further than the page you are on at the moment. Notice down the right hand side of the page and also in the top left of this article there are groups of ‘Ads by Google’ (if can’t see them its because either you are not in the US or not reading this article on my website).

Google has developed technology that automatically senses what the theme of the page is and then displays ads that are suited to the theme. This way the visitor will see advertisements likely to be of interest.

The Adwords customer (the advertiser trying to sell a product or service etc using these ads) is billed every time a visitor clicks. The amount depends on the cost of the ad, which is basically determined by advertising demand.

Revenue from that billing is split between Google and the owner of the website where the visitor clicked. If the ad costs the advertiser 50 cents per click, Google gets 25 cents and the website owner running the ads gets 25 cents.

If you were to click one of the Adsense ads you see on this page I’d get 50%.

Google Adsense is not the only program you can use to place ads on your site. Companies like Searchfeed offer similar programs but Adsense is where the money is.

There are a few key elements to successfully earning revenue from Google Adsense:
•Create website pages to rank well in the search engines. No visitors =no clicks=no revenue
•Strategically position your Adsense ads to attract the most clicks.
•Target keywords that have a high click price, thereby earning more per click.
•Make sure the words you target have enough searches per month to be worth the effort of creating a webpage.
•Make your site a valuable resource so visitors return.

Some more advanced strategies include:
•Create a valuable newsletter that visitors want to receive. Publish each issue on a webpage with Adsense and notify subscribers by mail with a link to the page (this method also minimizes risk of your email being filtered).
•Target less competitive keywords for your search engine rankings but direct the traffic (legitimately) to pages with more competitive keywords because the Adsense ads will pay more per click.
•When choosing Adsense ad design (you can choose color and format) avoid designs that are obviously ads. The less they look like ads the better.

I recently read a book about Adsense, written by a guy called Joel Comm, that has increased my revenue by 34%. I’ve heard from many other marketers with similar stories.

Through testing and tracking he was able to increase his earnings from $30 per day to $500 per day. His Adsense revenue for January 2005 was $17,463.75!!


Joel has compiled his tips and strategies for making money with Adsense into a book called ‘Adsense Secrets’( A highly recommended read if you are interested in this form of money making.

Next time we will be taking a closer look at building an eBay business. Ebay has created more work at home businesses than anything else in human history, I’ll show you how to get a piece of the action.

Until next time, remember persistence pays off – BIG TIME.
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