Advertising the Kanoodle Way

Another great tool for advertising is At you can sign up and get $5 free towards you advertising cost. You can then request for Kanoodle to review your submission and create a list for you with the keywords that best describe your website. This process will use up your $5 credit but is well worth it. This is an easy way to get a list of keywords to put in your Meta tags and use for pay-per-click advertising.

Also with Kanoodle like Google Adwords and Overture the site does have a Keyword suggestion box so once you get your list of keywords generated by Kanoodle you can use their suggestion box to estimate the amount of clicks you might receive.

Kanoodle also has a feature where you can advertise heavier on some days and lighter on other days. Generally, Monday through Thursday are the best days to do the heavier advertising because there are more people online during those days. So with Kanoodle you can advertise heavier on Monday through Thursday and lighter on Saturday through Sunday.

Kanoodle also has the basic reporting features like Google Adwords and Overture. It does appear to be a good tool and I have found it useful to supplement advertising that I do with Google Adwords and Overture. However, the one thing that I have found most helpful from Kanoodle is using the $5 credit towards receiving a list of keywords. This is a great start for those who are starting advertising on the Internet but are not too sure about where to start and do not know what keywords to use for their site.

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