5 Reasons Why You Can’t Create Your Own eProducts

What is there that prevents you from creating and marketing
your own exclusive information eproducts?

Chances are, it could be one or more of the self-defeating
reasons that we commonly hear from those who contact us
seeking advice. Several of those reasons are addressed
here. We intend to debunk the validity of each and every

Reason #1 – I Can’t.

Can’t isn’t even a word! It’s a contraction of the words
can not. Those are the two most self-defeating words in the
English language, or any other language that they may be
translated to.

Think of it this way. In the first stages of all our lives,
we really could NOT do much of anything. Mother or Dad, or
someone else, had to do everything for us. But all of us,
as we grew, LEARNED to DO things for ourselves.

Our human ability to learn is what sets us apart from the
beasts of the field and forest. Take advantage of that
miraculous gift. After all, do you think that the world’s
most successful people were born knowing everything they
know today? Of course not!

Reason #2 – I Don’t Have a Good Idea For an eProduct.

As the Internet itself is in a constant state of flux and
metamorphosis, so do new problems and new needs arise
constantly. Therein lies a hotbed of potential for new
solutions and new information to be disseminated.

Consider your own needs and problems as an Internet user.
Believe it or not, there are untold numbers of other people
worldwide who are experiencing the same situations. I
behooves you to do some research, find solutions to your
own problems, and then help others to fulfill those needs.

Now, think about what specialized knowledge you already
have. Practically everyone has experience and insight that
others will happily pay for. Natural human curiosity
motivates us all to want to know what others know, and the
range of topics is limitless. What you know IS worth money
to many other people.

Reason #3 – I’m Not a Good Writer.

Have you ever written a letter to a friend? Do you
communicate with others through email? Then you CAN write.
Whether or not you think you are ‘good’ is not an issue
here. After all, we’re talking about creating an
information product, not winning a Pulitzer Prize.

Begin with an outline or framework of the major points you
want to convey. Next, add sub-topics as needed to elaborate
your point. Then, begin ‘filling in the blanks’ with the
information and knowledge that you have on each point. Even
the great novelist James A. Michener used this mechanical

Even the best writers in any venue compose their works in
rough draft. Editing, punctuation, and grammar correction
comes later, and is typically relegated to someone else who
has an eye for such work.

Final editing can be easily accomplished by contacting the
English department of a local high school or college. You
may also do an online search for the keywords ‘editing
services’ or ‘ghost writing’ to get professional assistance.

Reason #4 – I Don’t Know How To Compile The Product.

eBook compiler softwares are readily available for as
little as $20 US, and since their advent a few years ago,
they have come a long way toward being user friendly.
Besides, this is actually the most simple of all the steps
in generating your own eproduct. Using a good software like
eBook Edit Pro, you can have a ready to market product in
as little as 30 minutes.

If you prefer to seek professional help at this stage, do
an online search for the keywords ‘ebook compiling
services.’ You will be presented with several options to

Reason #5 – I Don’t Know Where or How To Sell The Product.

This is not a valid reason either. The Internet itself is
an information driven medium. Most Internet users come
online seeking one thing only . . . information. Your job
will be to present your product in the right places when
those people come looking for the information.

Untold numbers of volumes are available on the Net that
deal with the topic of ebook marketing. We’re happy to
offer, with our compliments, three concise guides that will
help you on the way to successfully marketing your own
eproducts. Send a blank email to our autoresponder for the
download links.


So you see, there is actually nothing standing in the way
of you creating and marketing your own eproducts, except
your own fears, or your own failure to recognize your own
natural abilities. Begin right now by saying ‘I CAN.’

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