How Can The CompactFlash Expansion Plus Improve My iPAQ?

With an iPAQ Compact Flash Expansion Pack Plus, you can go and buy Type I or Type II CompactFlash cards compatible with your Pocket PC’s operating system and extend the functionality of your iPAQ. The HP iPAQ CompactFlash Expansion Plus, as far as PDA handheld accessories go, is indeed a smart buy for your PDA.

You can now put more files on your PDA or swap more files with others. You can even access the great WWW wirelessly through a cellular data network. Expansion cards are also important for the smooth running of multimedia files.

iPAQ CompactFlash Expansion Pack Plus – Enhancing… Extending…

The iPAQ Compact Flash Expansion Pack Plus works on two levels – it enhances the ‘life’ of your PDA because it adds a removable, rechargeable battery, and it extends the functionality of your PDA via an open Type I or Type II CF card slot. This means that with the iPAQ Compact Flash Expansion Pack Plus, you can buy CF cards that can boost file storage space on your iPAQ Pocket PC.

Further, with the right CF card, you can access your firm’s WLAN for important email messages. Bored? Access the Internet for the latest news (or gossip!). Lastly, the iPAQ Compact Flash Card Expansion Pack Plus launches a new cover pack design with a removable display cover to protect your iPAQ’s screen and buttons at the front.

If you’re also one of those who dread the day their PDA ‘dies’ on them, then you will surely like the fact that the iPAQ Compact Flash Card Expansion Pack Plus has removable slim battery to prolong the life of your Compaq iPAQ between charges!

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