How Can You Send An Anonymous Email?

There is a moment when any one of us wants to stay anonymous on the Internet; the situations for this are various: you are to talk to some persons who are not necessary your taste and you would prefer to reach one contact only.Moreover, since the text of your e-mail is as anonymous as the phone call you made to trick your friends, we can draw the conclusion that keeping your e-mail address hidden can be more than wanted.

There are certain steps to be considered when you want to appear as an anonymous emailer:

The first step. A general situation of sending an e-mail can be summed as follows: the user at the computer A, for instance sends the e-mail, the e-mail is received by a remailer server, which can be found in various forms.One of them may consider compulsory you download the specific software or even send your e-mail through a particular site.Other sites keep the role of a proxy between yourself and the Internet(this can be explained by comparing the site with a browser which could intercept and filter all pieces of information).Some of them are even complete soft packages which develop full Internet annonymity by encryption with remailer server, which result in hiding your identity.

The second step. Continuing, this remailer server erases any personal piece of information or id from that particular message and brings about new headers with a fake e-mail address. There are cases when the remailer server modifies the size of your message as it sends it.In addition, you should know that your e-mail is not send at that precise moment:they have to keep the e-mail for an undetermined period of time to encrypt the original time and date.Afterwards, the remailer server links your e-mail with another one, which after that, is forwarded to other remailers, sometimes abroad.

The third step.This is the moment when your e-mail reaches the wanted destination(computer B for example) as an anonymous one.

In conclusion, we have named the main steps you have to take whenever you are thinking about an anonymous e-mail. It is necessary to know all these, as taking another path can be tricky and may not send your message as you wanted it. Taken this into account, there are no reasons for which you wouldn’t succeed in sending your anonymous e-mail.

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