How Ebay Consignment Centers Work.

You might not ever have heard of eBay consignment centers – don’t worry, most people haven’t, as they’re a relatively new concept. The idea is that you drop off anything you want sold, and then the consignment center will sell it for you and share the profits.

You Can Sell at Consignment Centers.

Just find something to sell and take it to a consignment center – they’ll sell it for you on eBay, handling all the listing, description and shipping.

You do, however, give up some profit when you sell through a consignment center, not to mention losing all control over your auctions – and who’s to say that you couldn’t sell it better than they can? The chances are they will only give you a fraction of the item’s real value, to the point where you might as well have just taken it to the pawn shop.

You Can Be a Consignment Center.

A better option is to be a consignment center for the non-eBay-using public in your area. After you’ve been selling things on eBay for a while and you’ve told a few people about it, someday a friend will walk up to you and say “Hey, could you sell this on eBay for me?” Give it a try – if you like doing it, then why not start up your own consignment center business?

Put an ad like this in your local newspaper or anywhere else you think is appropriate:

“Create Space and Get Money For Doing It! How would you like someone to come and clean out the old stuff in your house that’s taking up all your space, and then give you cash for the lot? I am currently looking for things to sell on eBay and I can do this for you. Call me on [your number].”

Go round to a few people’s houses and take some things that you think are sellable, giving the items’ owners a sensible amount for them – not too much, since they don’t know how much they’re worth. It’s best to try to take things that are part of a set or collection, so you can sell lots of the same kinds of items. You’re in a strong position: why would they so no when you’re offering them money for things that, to them, are rubbish?

The only requirement to be successful with this is that you need to know what you’re doing, and be able to spot a high-value item when you see one, regardless of what it might be. It’s also worth opening a new account to sell items you get from other people. You can’t guarantee quality as well, and your regular account should only be used to sell the one kind of item that you decided you’re an expert in.

One thing many sellers don’t realise when they sell items is that they need to change their strategy depending on what season it is – things sell for different prices depending on the time of year. We’ll take a look at this in the next email.

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Kirsten Hawkins is an Ebay and internet auction enthusiast from Nashville, TN. Visit more great tips on how to make the most from Ebay and other online auctions.

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