Interview with Experts (Part 1)

Interview with EXPERTS – PART 1 by Gary Durkin (c) 2004 –
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

As you will know, one key method of producing information
products is to create an eBook / Report with articles or
interviews from Top industry experts.

(HINT – if you get a number of ‘experts’ to participate,
then this really improves things for you. Firstly, you have
expert advice from a range of people in the business, often
the advice may differ slightly, and this is a great benefit
to see how views change.

Plus, the more experts involved in your project, the better
– this gives more credibility.

Finally, you could develop a series of article on the back
of the project, cross-referencing answers from experts, or
using responses from one expert at a time, then following on
later with the next set of responses from the next expert…..
(HINT – great for setting up an effective auto responder

To create you very own version of this, simply approach a
number of key figures in the world of business, marketing
and the internet.

Then, give them a little background to who you are. (HINT –
here’s a great place to ‘blow your own trumpet’ as they
say…. don’t undersell yourself, but at the same time,
don’t oversell either!)

Now – tell them a little more about what you are doing…..
something like this.. “I have spent a long time studying
your material and products and, like many I have come to
respect you. Now I wish to compile high-level input from you
and your industry colleagues, to distribute via my list,
affiliate program and contacts.”

Now the next part is VERY important…. they will want to
know just how they benefit from helping you with your
product….. so tell them something like this….

“What’s in it for you? Publicity! Any publicity is good
publicity! This opportunity gives you ‘carte blanche’ to say
anything and everything on the questions asked, and anything
else you want to say. You and your business will get more
exposure to potentially thousands of possible customers.
Your answers can be as long, detailed and thorough as you
like, plus they can be as frank as you wish. I will not edit
the copy of your response (unless you use bad language!!)”

Next – show you are serious, and put in some (not too many)
restrictions, and give good reason for doing so….

“I would prefer it if you could keep the number of blatant
product ‘plugs’ down to a minimum! One reason for this, is
that I have learned over the years that this activity tends
to lose the article credibility and is sometimes seen as an
advertisement rather than informative copy. I would also
like to replace any product links / URL’s with my affiliate
links URLs for you service or product – unless you disagree
of course.”

Then tell them they can put in a resource box, this is
expected across the industry, and they will want to put
their resource box into their contribution too. So tell

“Finally, your ‘resource box’ can be as detailed as you like
and include a Bio if you wish. No limitation on the size of

Also tell them that promotion of the final item will (or
could, depending on whether you are able to do all of this)
include a high quality eBook Cover, Full Website with Header
Graphics, and Detailed Sales Letter and so on.

Now tell them what the basis of the ‘interview’ is……

“I have prepared 12 topics / questions which I have
presented to each of the people I have invited to
participate. The twelve may contain more than one question,
but this is aimed at building more ‘atmosphere’ to the topic
and it is not necessarily required to answer each sub
question. Likewise, there are sections where I have asked
for your Top 3 (or so) Tips. There is nothing to suggest
that you must give exactly 3 (or so) replies! More would be
better, less if you prefer. It’s up to you!”

Next follow on something like this….

“I would heartily welcome your expert views and input on
this project, and I would very much appreciate you kind

“I am seeking to finalise and publish this book by then end
of MONTH this year, and would like to have your much valued
responses by DATE if at all possible.” (HINT – the reason
for this is to ensure that everyone who is contributing to
your ebook / report, has the same deadline to work to)

“Looking forward to hearing from you……………here are
the twelve questions / topics I have prepared (please note –
all contributors will have the exact same questions and
unlimited copy space to respond)”

Kindest regards


That’s it for PART 1 of Interview with Experts.

In PART 2, I give a list of detailed questions which you
could use when you contact the experts.

About the author:

Copyright © 2004 Gary Durkin
All rights reserved worldwide. Gary Durkin is the
owner of http://www.247-Profit.comAnd the creator of the
Serling Combination® package. Gary has enjoyed more than a
decade of international business success, And been doing
business online for over 5 years. You are free to
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