Interview with Experts (Part 2)

Interview with EXPERTS – PART 2 by Gary Durkin (c) 2004 –
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Following on the PART 1, where I outlined the basis and
reasons for doing a project like this, here is a list of 12
questions which you could use when contacting the Experts.
(you can change amend as you like to suit your project)


1. The Internet is jam-packed with Biz-Ops, Offers, Hype and
Promises. MLM, Pyramid Selling, Get Rich Quick Schemes,
Gifting Programs…………….. Each day thousands of new
people go online to find ways of replacing or supplementing
their income. What pointers / advice would you give to
anyone who is considering this and the obvious pitfalls they
can encounter?

2. One of the key ingredients to success, is Multiple Income
Streams. Personally, I am a firm believer in this but often
newbies AND NetVeterans alike make the assumption that by
simply joining every available program, they can achieve a
steady flow of multiple incomes, but in reality this hardly
ever happens. Are you a supporter of the MIS method and how
would you combine successfully different products, services
and / or offerings into one main business? And WHY?

3. Often, figures are banded around that some 95% of people
on the Net do not make money, or even lose money online.
That figure is obviously difficult to prove accurately but
there is still some element of truth behind it. I have
helped many people to understand where the go wrong, but can
you give your personal top 3 reasons why you believe such a
high proportion of people fail?

4. Over the years, I have seen many people become
disheartened by the lack of ‘instant financial
gratification’, or in other words ‘ making big bucks
overnight!’ – that they assume will happen as soon as they
go online. If we took the ‘wake up and smell the coffee’
approach – in your opinion how long should people
(especially the inexperienced) expect to wait before they
see some return of their investment, a steady flow of income
and of course, their first million dollars?! And …..WHY?

5. I run three businesses, generating seven figures a year
and personally earning six figures. But – it is hard work,
very hard. The rewards are great and play-time is excellent!
I constantly strive to work smarter NOT harder, by
researching and learning (by successes AND failures!). There
is I believe, a misconception that you can run an online
business successfully, in a few hours (or less!) a week. Do
you subscribe to this opinion? How much effort do you view
as being optimal for developing, creating, growing and
sustaining a successful Internet Business? And of

6. Most, if not all the gurus, Big Dogs, and Top Marketers
tend to agree, that the real money is in the backend. In
other words, true profit comes from follow-up sales to
existing customers or to your opt-in list subscribers.
Again, I totally agree. However, one of the biggest problems
facing many online businesses (especially the new starters)
is actually getting customers, and building an opt-in list.
This all boils down to one thing – TRAFFIC. No traffic, No
Prospects, No Customers, No Sales, No Back-end. No Profit.
Can you give your top 5 traffic producing tips that would
get a newbie off the ground, or even to enhance traffic to a
site / business who is looking to grow?

7. Technology! There are so many products, systems and
software packages available today, it is overwhelming to
many. Often, people will buy every piece of software, all
the systems and every product because they think they need
it to succeed. However, that may not be the case. Do you
think a business can be created and run successfully with
just a few key elements? Which 5 ‘things’ do you suggest
that new entrepreneurs seriously need to consider to have a
successful online business. (I would prefer generic
recommendations rather than blatant plugs please!!)

8. Products. Every business must sell something. Either a
product (physical or digital), a service, or even a concept
/ idea. There is a camp which recommends creating your own
products, and another which suggests selling someone else’s.
What are your feelings on this, what advice can you give and
what problems may be encountered which could be avoided with

9. Marketing. This is the Big One! I have over ten years of
success in international sales, I have done (and still do)
research and study marketing techniques, ideas and methods.
I have bought and read thousands of dollars worth of eBooks,
Books, Courses and Training Materials – by some (if not all)
of the worlds most successful netpreneurs and marketing
experts. I do this because it is something I love to do, I
compare and contrast various concepts – then adopt and adapt
to my needs. But, this takes a great deal of time and money,
and not everyone can do this. So for those who do not have
the time or money to do this, what are your Top Five Tips
for effective and efficient marketing?

10. Affiliate / Associate Programs. Many recommend getting
involved in these as a doorway to selling products, others
suggest creating your own products or service then starting
your own Affiliate / Associate program. Some programs pay as
little as 5% commission, others pay up to 50% commission or
more. Some charge a fee to join up, others are free. Are
Affiliate Programs / Associate Programs a good idea? Are
they worth joining or even creating your own? What tips,
pointers, guidance and advice do you have on this subject?

11. I would bet good money on this, but I strongly believe
that you have made mistakes in business over the years…..I
know I have! But of course, you have also had successes. Can
you list for me the top three mistakes you have had – and
how you learned from them, plus your biggest three successes
in business……and how you learned from these too, and how
the readers can learn from your success and failure?

12. So……..where do we go from here? What is the future
of the internet? How can eBusiness develop? What is YOUR
vision of things to come? If YOU controlled the WWW – what
would YOU do? If you had to advise people on what to expect
in the future, what would you tell them?

13. BONUS Question! Your chance to add anything else you

That’s it! Part 1 and Part 2 together, put it into action,
follow up, follow though, and create you own product, with
help from the experts!

Good luck.

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