Is Home Business Really a Business

Home business, doesn’t it strikes you? But then another question hammers in your mind, whether it is a credible & lucrative business just like others? This is a never ending argument between Successful and Botched people who tried this business. Do you know that only 2 % people are successful in home business and 98% are failures. Can you think of who are those 2 percenters. successors?

Why majority people are botched? Let me discuss some core issues about home business.

What is the Home Business?

A business you can operate from your home in flexible hrs. You will be your own boss. There is only a small investment and above all you can work with World’s Top marketing companies. You can earn decent money for your efforts and knowledge.

Who is the right person to do it?

In my opinion everybody can do this business, who have a strong urge to do something with certain level of commitment and dedication. But one can generate a handsome income only after having accumulated a reasonable knowledge about marketing techniques, knowledge of your target audience/market and certainly latest promotional tools, because INTERNET is the fastest way to market your products and services. A good knowledge of email marketing, websites and search engines will be additives to your income & success. You must be innovative and creative while marketing your products and services. There are no set rules, every successful marketers have developed their own strategies. You will also learn when you decide not to quit but to persist your enthu to succeed.

Is it worth to invest money in home business?

YES! I say yes, if you are really serious about this business you have to invest some money wisely just like any other business. For eg. if you are planning to open a shop, you need space at a high traffic area, you need some hot selling products, you have to do some interior to make it attractive and last but not least you have to advertise your business to get customers. All the above requires wealth/capital to invest. Right! Same basic rule also applies in home business.

Why 98% peoples fails?

This is a naked and callous truth about home business that 98 % people are failures. The foremost reason is lack of knowledge, patience and earnestness. Most of the people joins Network marketing companies to earn quick money without doing anything. They endeavor it for few months and then give up. They never attempt to learn the right techniques and strategies, they only want some quick bucks. They don’t be bothered for their customers or downline. They are reluctant to solve the problems of their customers and downline, which results in dissatisfaction and frustration and then finally surrender. This ends the business in itself because ‘U’ ultimately will end up with no earning and get only a ruined business.

Who are the Successful 2 percenters?

These 2 per centers are the people who never quit and have faith in themselves. They learn from their mistakes and imbibe a lot more from apex of these businesses. They motivate themselves endlessly and help others in their downline to achieve the same. They are taking towering risk as they know that nothing comes without efforts. They strive to imitate and generate new ideas from their upline and other successful Marketers. They always welcome new ideas, believes in acceptance, always ready to take risk, and have a ‘NEVER SAY DIE’ Attitude. Believes strongly in “If someone can earn, then why can’t I?”

Why more and more people are going for it?

According to my study and observation, a lot more individuals are looking for home business opportunities and the only one main reason is ‘TIME’. Today maximum no. of populace is fed up of their working schedules, jobs and lifestyle. There is no time for the family, oneself and/or society. A hate feeling has developed for routine 9 to 6 hrs job as the maximum times goes in commutation (3-4 hrs. daily) from home to office and then office to home. After a long drenching day reached home fully exhausted and frustrated. So the Idea of home business always fascinates them. They would have always dreamt about it. That’s why every 45 second someone has joined the home business worldwide. It is an alarming figure and more and more people opt home business as substitute earning source. You know 90% of the working mothers don’t have more then 2 hrs daily for their kids. This is very provoking for both mothers and kids, their family bonding is at a risk. The only solution for this problem is owning home business where one can not only earn well but also have a suffice time for family and oneself.

In my opinion everybody has a right to live freely and must devote enough time with their family. So joining a home business is really good decision but mind you, you have to work smartly and not hard. Now days a lot of successful marketers are ready to share their secrets with you and you get all valuable information for just a few bucks. If you are really thinking about to start a home business consider some points before you join:

1) Check the company’s reputation, their promoters their products and existence of company and Track record.
2) Check if the company paying their affiliates timely.
3) Is the products are really good quality.
4) Is your upline supportive.

Once you verify the above points, go and join it and start working as this is your own business. If you are determined and ready to learn, you will definitely win.

Best of luck for your successful home business.

About the author:

Author ‘Preeti Srivastava’ is a successful Affiliate of some top notch Network marketing companies and have a 5 years of experience in Internet marketing. If you wish to contact him and want to subscribe his weekly news letter just send an email to: or visit

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