Is “Work at Home” Loosing Popularity?

As per search engine suggestion tool, the term “Work At Home” may not be loosing its popularity. But the term is obviously loosing it’s meaning!

Is The Term “Work At Home” Loosing its Popularity?

Let me start this discussion with a simple question. On the Internet why folks search for “Work At Home” or “Work From Home?” Reason may be countless. But what they are exactly looking?

“Job or Employment”

Yes, in-fact more than 80% of the folks are looking for jobs rather than biz. But this Internet Ocean can’t generate unlimited job opportunities. It can only generate unlimited business opportunities (There is a wide difference between biz opportunity & money making opportunity!)

Folks spend countless hours on the Internet searching for jobs. Obviously they don’t find any job, because there is no job at all. But they find money making as well as biz opportunities; they join to such opportunities because it’s FREE. They don’t read; they don’t listen; they don’t try to understand how the system works? They don’t work. But they jump from program to program & biz to biz. They don’t stay focused at a single point. They don’t have long-term goals. But they live in the dream world counting million dollars!

In simple words majority of the “Work At Home” folks “Do Nothing & Expect Income.” There is one more chance that, they try to do too much! So at the beginning stage it would definitely cause for failure.

The one & only way to earn legal money on the Internet is to “sell a product” or “sell a service” Simple! But “work at home” folks realize this truth rarely & lately. By the time they realize this truth, they decide themselves “No, I can’t sell anything on the Internet, I can’t recruit anyone, Internet biz is no more fits to me, so I should quit this”.

An average of 40-60% folks decide so and run away from the Internet biz (sad truth for us) And they badmouth each & every programs or biz opportunity in which they have been involved.

Some time folks get attracted by “Do Nothing & Get Rich Schemes” (Scams!) If they have money they will throw it on these types of programs. “That’s the END of Work At Home!”

So in Internet language, ”Work At Home” doesn’t mean that “job” or “Employment”. It means business, but it has to be done like a job! Consistence, Persistence, Patience, Talent & Intelligence is important to have success on “Work At Home” programs on the Internet. And finally it’s also matter of L-U-C-K

I personally wasted about six months to find a perfect “Work At Home Business” I tried all types of “Affiliate Programs”, “Network Marketing” “MLM”, “Get Paid To…” “Secret Agent (?)”, “Data Entry Scams” and more! I’m glad to say that I did not loss much money. Anyway finally I managed to find a best “Internet Based Home Business”. I don’t know how to make Five Figure Six Figure or Seven Figure Income per month. But I know how to make a comfortable living on the Internet.

Can’t you make money on the Internet? Don’t Worry. At least you can have million dollars of Information & Knowledge on the Internet for FREE!

As per search engine suggestion tool, the term “Work At Home” may not be loosing its popularity. But the term is obviously loosing it’s meaning.

Hundreds of Thousands of folks are entering into the Internet Ocean every month looking for “Money Making Opportunities”, Some folks would find “Goldmine” on the Internet Ocean, some folks find tons of dreams but no gold, not even dust !

Let’s wait and see

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