More Free Tools Increase Security For Your PC

– by Jim Edwards

(c) Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved

A recent article about preventing hackers from breaking
into your computer caused an overwhelming response by

It seems everyone has an opinion about the best software
and advice for keeping your computer safe from viruses and
online predators. The following will help you increase your
online security and usually without spending a dime!

Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm offers several versions of their
popular firewall software with various options for
increased security. The basic firewall software comes free
of charge and ranks among the most highly rated firewalls
available. The paid version helps you to eliminate
everything from pop-up windows to unwanted advertising and
also helps you track hackers back to their source.

Visit to download your copy today,
especially if you don’t already carry a firewall on your

The Guru Of Security

Visit if you want a real “eye opener!” Frankly,
some of the things I saw on this website shocked me. I had
no idea so many potential problems existed for breaches in
your online security.

But what also shocked me was how simple most of the “fixes”
rate for securing your computer against attack. It became
very apparent to me that most computer hackers don’t
exploit hardware or software weaknesses, they actually
exploit our ignorance about the simple steps we should take
to protect ourselves and others.

When you visit you’ll see the site covers a lot
of ground. Since you might find it easy to get sidetracked
with all the interesting information, make sure to
specifically check out the “Shields Up!” area. This section
offers two comprehensive tests of your Internet connection
to check for the typical points of entry used by hackers.

The first test, “Test My Shields,” checks the security of
your Internet connection itself and how much system and
personal information others can obtain without your

The second test, “Probe My Ports,” attempts to find open
ports on your computer and evaluate how and where a hacker
could enter.

Both tests will help you spot the most common and obvious
vulnerabilities most of us face when connected to the
Internet. Also to its credit (and unlike similar sites),
this website doesn’t use these tests as a lead-in to try to
sell you anything.

Free Anti-Virus Software

Visit to download a free anti-virus
software package that rivals anything you could buy. The
software comes with free updates on virus definitions
(critical for up-to-date protection) and will even certify
your outgoing email as virus free!

I have used this software myself and, though nothing rates
perfect, I have found it rivals products costing $50 or
more. If you don’t carry virus protection software on your
computer, stop this minute and go to to
download the free version now.

With so many resources and advice available for free, no
valid excuse exists for not immediately securing your
computer against hackers, vandals, viruses and malicious

About the author:

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