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In the IT sector, Technical Knowledge is really necessary. Whether the person is in Sales, Customer Support, Marketing and nevertheless in the Technical Department. We need to upgrade ourselves everyday & everymoment. Its just like a doctor who needs to upgrade with new medicines and therapies everyday. But the main magical word is marketing & sales. With the knowledge we are implemention many new things, thats good but we need to market those products. I’m not talking about the market. Just talking about the new product to be first demonstrated among the internal customers (fellow colleagues), the management, the internal users. If the organization is confident about the product then the organization can market it properly to the outer customers. There might be several faults in the product but afterall we do not sell a product but our attitude. Once the attitude is sold positively we are happy. But the basic this is the marketing funda & nothing else. So good Technical knowledge + Proper Marketing Funda = A positive Deal

About the author:

Upal Chakraborty is a Techno Marketing personnel since 1997 when he was just 18 years. With his creative ideas he became the Asst Manager when he was 19yrs. Now as the age of 26yrs he is associated with its network sites as the Head – Business Development & Operations.

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