The Real ‘Magic Bullets’ of Internet Marketing


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WARNING – to really understand – you must read from beginning to end. That’s how you will ‘get it’!

A while ago I developed a package which wasn’t available anywhere else in the world.
In fact, that package is still unique – but that’s not the point.

The package was not the real secret, it was the content that was the fantastic.

All I did, was to package it in such a way, that made it completely unique, and that gave me the edge.

(Read that again – there’s a little HINT inside….!)

The content of the product / package really was Rock-Solid. It was real-life information, from a real-life expert, showing how to make real-life profits from real-life business and how they do it time and time again.

No make-believe hype, or over-zealous extravagance at all.
No rubbish about how you can make $10,000 per month selling ice to Eskimos.
No trosh about how the writer is better than you, and the only way to get even partially to their level, is to buy their products…..!

Just good stuff. (and no, I wasn’t the author)

Anyway, I contacted a group of people, all of which I had assumed were experienced internet marketers, and understood business. I asked them if they would review the package, especially the content – and give me feedback about the product / package, the content and the website (both positive and negative).

In return, they would all receive a free package for their own use – after all, how can they review it, if they don’t have it!

So, the feedback came in – and I was very grateful for it. Some minor amendments to the sales page on the website were suggested, increasing the price was mentioned a few times, but apart from that – it was all positive. The content, the books, the audios, the bonuses – everything – they all loved.

All……… except ONE person.

That person, who shall remain anonymous, said to me…………

– “ Hey Gary – the package is too big. I can’t even get through just 1 of the books in my lunch break, so how do you expect me to read to the other books?”

(I thought to myself……. HEY – do you expect to learn the strategies and techniques used every day, by a real-life expert who is responsible for MILLIONS of dollars worth of sales –in less than an hour? You need to devote a little more time to understand how success is created – than just the time between your Cream Cheese Bagel and your Diet Soda!!!)

(Then I realised that this person was complaining about the fact that the package was a combination of 4 completely different subject packages. Each one of them targeting a different aspect of online business, each one with it’s own book and multiple audio sessions….. OF COURSE you read them all, that’s the point of the package!!!)

– “And what’s with the audios? I am supposed to READ AND LISTEN TOO?”

(Well, now I started to really think! What did this person mean exactly? Did they mean choose between and written version or an audio version……. Then I stopped, smiled – and moved on! You see, one of the best benefits of producing information, is the way in which you can deliver it. Not just the written word, but also audio and even video. You read in the ‘sound’ of your own voice inside your mind. You read at your own pace. You pick up certain aspects, at certain times – because that is how YOU work. However, the point of using Audio as well (not instead of) is to offer the reader / listener an alternative medium from which to learn / understand even more, because this time, you mind is listening to another person, another voice – and not just yours. This reinforces and strengthens information – it really does work!)

– “And what’s with the bonuses….. they are all on the same topic, there not much good as bonuses.”

(By now – my head is shaking so much I’ve put the paramedics on stand-by! It took me a few minutes to understand what they meant about the bonuses. Then I cracked it. This person looked at the bonuses, only to see each one of the bonuses (inside each of the four packages) – inside the main package – where all related to the subject of the package. Example – if you own a shop selling paint, and offer a special deal on a range of paint – you may offer a free brush set too. The brush set is obviously linked to the offer – paint. Makes sense to me!! The bonuses to the package were all linked to the main item, but this person wasn’t satisfied. They preferred to have something like a bag of potatoes with the special offer paint!!)

– “And most important – none of the books give me any magic bullets. Where are the secrets which guarantee me more sales and more money and more success?????? Tell me. ”

(OK – here’s the best bit! The Golden Nugget! The Crème de la Crème. I took THIS ONE by the horns, and replied to the person…….

Hi – thanks for your feedback. With reference to your question about where the Magic Bullets are in the package – before I answer you, can you please tell me how long you have been involved in internet marketing / business online?? Look forward to hearing from you….

4 days later, I receive a reply………..

– “ I’ve been doing it for about a year. I spend about 2 hours a week if I can fit it in – mostly ads and stuff. I know I should be spending less time, but I’m not making any money yet. When I make money, I’ll work less. Why? What’s that gotta do with it? “

The very same day, I replied……………

Hi – thanks for your reply. One more question for you. In the time you’ve spent in internet marketing (about a year you said) – how many of the books, ebooks, websites, information you have read, have actually given you THE real secret that nobody knows – the Magic Bullet which guarantees you will make a fortune online – that one, single piece of information which can only make you a fortune??

Another 6 days later….. then the reply……….

– “ None of the books or anything has told me the hidden secret to making lots of money guaranteed, I’m still looking. I thought it would be in your package. But it wasn’t. So what is it? Is it a piece of code that I place on my website? What is it????……………………..”

OK reader – for the benefit of that person, and everyone else out there, and perhaps even you – all who are looking for the Magic Bullet to Guarantee Success, Sales, Money and Profit – I’m going to reveal to you, right here, right now, the hidden secret which nobody knows that will transform you and your internet business instantaneously into a guru millionaire.

I will show you that one hidden ingredient which works for everyone.

I’m going to tell you what the heavy-hitters don’t want shared.

Now is the time for everyone to FINALLY understand what the BIG SECRET is – which guarantees your online success.

The next 5 lines of this article – show you EXACTLY what the Hidden, Secret, MAGIC BULLET of Internet Marketing REALLY IS…………….

Well, there you have it.

Did it make sense? If not – you’ve missed the point of the article. There are NO magic bullets, NO hidden lines of code, and no unknown secrets.

What there is……. is lots of good information, tips, techniques, strategies and methods. Some work better than others, but the only way to find out what they are, is to keeping looking, keep reading, keep learning.

The REAL secret is this…….. You cannot make bread with flour alone. You must have all the other ingredients, otherwise it will not work. That’s EXACTLY the same in business, and of course internet marketing.

1. Know what the ingredients are.
2. Know how to use them.
3. Put them all together.

Finally – if you’ve read this article correctly, you will notice some tips which have been carefully included. If you didn’t spot them – read the article again!

Best of success to everyone.

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