The Art of Acting, Book Review

Book review By Brittney L Dunn

There are many different sources out there about acting
and different techniques and methods. It can be very difficult
knowing where to start.

Below are some book/video reviews, which
will greatly help you start. A huge tip is to do your reading.
Read plays. Read all the plays you can. Try some of the classics,
for example shows by Tennessee Williams, Arthur miller, Eugene
O’Neil, etc. Not only will this broaden your knowledge, but also
many times teachers make references to shows, and you will not
understand what they are trying to teach you.

Stella Adler: The Art of Acting.

Stella Adler was one of the most influential people to
the acting community. Not only was she one of the most talented
actresses, she also was on of the best teachers. Stella Adler
was the only American actor to study with the great Konstantin
Stanislavski, who is known for being the creator of “Method
Acting” or “The Method.” The book, The Art of Acting, is a
collection of twenty-two lessons she had taught.

The first step is to learn all about ourselves and the other
generations of people before us. According to this book, one
of the most important things to develop is one’s imagination.

The thing that sets apart Adler’s teaching from others is
that she wants her students to become real human beings.

It is a great book for anyone to read, because it teaches you
so much, and opens you eyes to a world you never saw before.
Acting and teaching were her passion and it shows.

For any serious actor this is one of the best investments you
can make. She gives you examples, techniques, and exercises to practice.

She has taught people such as, Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Warren Beatty, Harvey Keitel, Henry Winkler, and Matthew Modine, to name a very small few.

Her words and wisdom captured in this book are truly and
inspiration. She has forever left a mark on the acting community.

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