Using Blogs to promote your Home Business

A trend that has been rapidly growing on the net has been the use of blogs, also known as web logs. These may be very useful to you since e-mail applications such as ezines have been very hard hit recently from UCE (unsolicited commercial email), aka spam. Blogs are simply a content delivery system which some say can ultimately replace commercial e-mail to an extent. A blog might contain any content you desire, such as an article, rambling or any irreverent post you can think of. It could also feature the latest product upgrades, website updates and other pertinent information. By using them to help promote your home business you are accessing an entirely new audience. Getting a blog rolling for you is not particularly hard. Blogger(owned by Google search) may be the best way. Tblog is also a free to use service, and paid ones include salon dot com and the blogging network. Tripod offers a free blog builder and hosting service too. It was one of the first such free services, yet may be inferior to some services in certain quality respects. You can also use software applications to to create a more customized blog for your website.

One of the major pluses of blogs is that they often to get good search engine posititioning because of interlinking and their content. Search Engines understand that most blogs are updated on a regular basis. Blogs have brought in a new flavor to the media relations world since bloggers are often seen as opinion leaders in their particular field. Topic specific blogs have become a kind of “speaker’s corner” for the internet due to their relevency. Area specific blogs can also be a very useful resource. You might want to set up a city or town based blog. Or a webblog that covers particular topics or news effecting a certain state or other geographical location. Blogs can also be a source of news for subjects not covered in the mainstream media. You could use blogs to promote your website directly or use the traffic to promote an affiliate program like Google adwords to set up another stream of income.

Once you have your blog up and running, there are a number of superb resources that you can use to promote it. Blog-city is a blog search engine and directory,, blogwise (paid) and bloghop dot com(paid). Using blogs effectively can certainly improve the internet marketing results for your home business!

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