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There are over 700 million computers in use in the world at any given time.The internet is growing up,and is now opening up MORE opportunities than ever before for individuals.

Consider these facts:

1) Radio took 38 years to reach 50 million people,television took 13 years,but the internet did it in 5 years.
2) Each day,more than 160,000 people log on to the internet for the very first time.
3) People spend more time on the internet than watching the television or listening to the radio.

Bill Gates,founder of Microsoft Corporation,summed it up with these words:”Any business that hopes to succeed in the future MUST have an internet presence.” Economic experts agree:
Over the next 5 years people all over the world will profit from it and earn significant incomes very quickly.
Earning income on the internet is the future for anyone who owns a computer and is willing to learn in the comfort of their
home on a part or full time basis.
Home Business sector is the fastest growing industry globally.
However,knowledge is the essential ingredient which is preventing every person who is looking to succeed as a professional marketer.
The benefits of running a Home Business are:

1) It does not discriminate against age,colour,gender,disability or religion.
2) It helps to build self esteem and confidence.
3) The internet has become an awesome information distribution machine,making it ideal for low-cost and no-cost marketing.
4) An individual has the opportunity to build a business as a secondary income,whereby residual income is now
replacing pension plans as a main source of income for retirement.
5) The business will run 24 hours a day,7 days a week and 365 days a year on a global scale which NEVER sleeps.

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Ranjit Toor is the editor of ‘WebToor’s Guide To Success’ newsletter and is here to help ORDINARY peope make EXTRAORDINARY money working from home on the internet.
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