Wealth is in the Eyes of the Prospect

Craig Friesen

If you do any browsing of online home business sites or Internet marketing, you will surely have seen this message is some shape or form: “quit your job and become wealthy working from home…let us show you how!” In fact, most of the people who will read this article may have promoted a product or home business opportunity with a similar sales line or a variation.

What many do not understand is that wealth can be defined in different ways. A dictionary definition of wealth is: 1. riches; large amounts of money or worldly possessions; 2. an abundance of anything.

Your typical advertisement promoting an online money-making opportunity focuses mostly on the first definition – a large bank account and luxury items to your heart’s content.

Home business opportunities, on the other hand, tend to focus more on the 2nd definition. Here are several examples of how wealth is used as “an abundance of everything” in online marketing:
– quit your job / fire your boss (wealth = more independence and control)
– work at home / work from home (wealth = more time for family and self, with flexibility of schedule)
– earn extra income / need help paying the bills? (wealth = more discretionary income).

The implications of this observation for us marketers are that you can promote the same opportunity in different ways and by doing so expand your market. Let’s say you have a home business opportunity that involves selling a health product. The 2 most obvious ways to market the opportunity is to interest persons who use the product as well as those people just looking for some kind of home business. Your promotional material will be different for the 2 types of recruits – one that promotes the opportunity primarily, and the other that says, “you use the product, why not earn some money selling it to your friends?” You could also promote the opportunity as a means to luxury – the first definition of wealth. Design your promotional material to highlight the possibilities of residual income.

The point is, no matter what the opportunity, you can widen your prospective market by designing variations to your promotional material. Splash pages are a great way to accomplish this. Optimize the keywords and graphics to focus on one segment of your marketing instead of trying to attract them all. You might also want to prepare matching landing pages so tha tyour prospect doesn’t think they ended up in the wrong place.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then wealth is in the eyes of the prospective recruit. Understand what your prospects are looking for and promote your business opportunity accordingly.

About the author:

Craig Friesen is a freelance writer and Internet marketer, living in rural Saskatchewan. Visit FreedomdreamR.net for business opportunities, webmaster resources and to sign up for the free business newsletter.

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