Would You Like To Use The Internet To Earn Money?

About two years ago, I tentatively set up business on the internet. It was a very long and involved process for me because I was afraid to do something wrong. I was afraid I would hurt my computer or my website.

But that most difficult learning process is over now. Even though I hired Diane Bryan (http://www.neondeon.com) to create the website to my specifications, I can now make many necessary modifications all by myself. I can definitely write and publish my own newsletters and journal articles.

When I began to consider what type of website I wanted to establish, I went to the library and read everything I could about styling and formatting. I chose to follow Seth Godin’s advice. He ‘taught’ me to personalize my site and BE MY REAL SELF. I chose to reveal who I really am and chose to list my phone #, address, and other contact information.

I think it’s important to view people on the internet as REAL PEOPLE.

An important part of the website is my Enjoying Health Newsletter. Each month I send this personally written newsletter to a growing list of people who pass it on to their own contacts (if they like what I’ve written). It’s a wonderful outlet for me to write about things that are really important to me. I emphasize total health: body, soul, and spirit. I sell therapeutic essential oils for medicinal and emotional use, but with the newsletter I can expand my horizons and write about total, not just bodily health. The foundation of my website is much broader than highest quality therapeutic essential oils and supplements for sale. I’m happy about that.

As time goes along, I’m learning how to connect my site to others and so gain exposure. I want to encourage you to take the plunge yourself and learn to navigate on the web. You’ll have to educate yourself according to your own leanings. You’ll learn how to express your unique self to a huge, worldwide audience. I highly recommend doing business on the internet because of the potential to attract so many customers; but I recommend it just as highly for the sake of self expression.

Network marketing on the internet MAY be for you. Be open minded as you do your research. It’s a grassroots movement, highly effective and can be quite rewarding. To sell network marketing most easily, you simply think of the other person’s needs and try to satisfy them. Identify with them in their problems and see if you can solve them together by using your business opportunity.

For instance, do you have a health problem or low energy? My business opportunities fall within the alternative health field and I would lead you toward experimentation with my products IF YOU WERE LEANING that way. If we can achieve some health improvements, everyone is encouraged and my business flourishes as well. No hard sell, no hard feelings. I let my prospects feel my empathy and true concern for them…and I let them lead the conversation. I do a lot of listening and asking questions.

Hopefully, you’re encouraged. If you have specific questions after reading this free report, please feel free to call me.

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